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Industry Session

Tuesday, October 10th

13:00-14:00 h - Parallel room

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Klaus Stark

Klaus Startk

Senior Manager Innovation Management
Pilz GmbH & Co. KG

Klaus Stark (Dipl.-Ing. FH) was born in Grötzingen in 1955. After completing a degree in electronic engineering/computer sciences he worked for Pilz as a development engineer for eight years. He then held positions as development manager at Wöhrle Industrieelectronic and at Leuze Elektronik, where he was in charge of product management and application support in the optical sensors division. In 1996 he returned to Pilz as Head of Product Management. In 2008 he became Head of International Sales. Since 2017 Klaus Stark has been responsible for Innovation Management.

He is an active advocate for automation in various committees, including as Chair of ZVEI's Technical Committee "Safety systems in automation" and now also as a board member of the technology initiative SmartFactory KL e.V.

Safety is one - main - key to research

Safety is not an end in itself, but the enabler for functionalities. We as human beings do not recognize the presence of safety, just the absence and the possible, sometimes negative results.

Science research especially, in laser labs or synchrotrons are not possible without a structure around. These structures/activities includes administrative, security, automation and safety issues. In Europe all “machines and facilities” have to fulfil the demands of the Machine directive (MD). These demands are simplified named – “to provide a safe workplace according the state of the art”. In order to fulfil that, we apply the norms and standards – in the case of the Synchrotron in Alba the IEC 61508.

The main difference is in the level of danger due to radiation, it´s unvisability and unnoticeability – so any avoidance is (nearly) impossible. Also it´s lab character, the international researcher team and the type of person´s create a special demand.

In Alba the line and the ring and all the individual Labs have to be protected in these way.
Pilz have developed in Alba different projects where safety was the main feature. Among those projects, we can find new radiation labs and the Gateway project that has to ease the technology migration in the Synchrotron of the popular PSS 3000 to the newest and reliable PSS 4000.

The company Pilz was chosen as the supplier and partner, due to their knowledge in safety, their experience, their references in similar projects in Karlsruhe (Germany) and Melbourne (Australia), their quality level but also their competence in service. Pilz Engineers are trained according the BIAC concept and all of them have the CMSE (certified machine safety expert) course successfully passed.

Pilz offered since 1995 one of the first safe plc, called PSS3000. PSS3000 was a centralized concept, which could be expanded with decentral safe I/O via SafetyBUS p. This Safety PLC is used all across the world in various applications and proven by its availability and robustness. Since a couple of years these concept led into the new PSS4000 with it´s Ethernet based backbone called SafetyNET p. The new plc is fully decentral in design, which a central point of view for the programming.

The dual use for automation and safety is based on a unique design in architecture and performance. Availability concepts are possible also ring concepts etc. The symmetrical instruction/command set, together with the approved function blocks, makes it transparent and easy to the application engineers.

The cooperation and the projects management of the synchrotron projects in Alba went well and was validated and confirmed by the TÜV Rheinland approval and the successful operation since years.


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